Links: To the frayed edges of (my) thinking, (Gapings of my mind), 2020 – Material: think-writing ink and pencil on paper –  Dimensions: inner size 59 x 43’5 cm, outer size 89,5 x 725 cm

Midden: The artist’s tree IV, (On the edge of things), 2020 – Material: think-writing ink, microwriter, charcoal, watercolour and pencil on Paper – Dimensions: inner size 31,5 x 24,5 cm, outer size 62 x 52 cm

Rechts: Study for the upright thinking I, 2019 – Materiaal: think-writing ink, pencil, charcoal and watercolour on paper – on paper.
Photographs: Peter Cox.

About the artist

Hans Klein Hofmeijer  (1957).

For 40 years, Klein Hofmeijer has been working out of self-chosen isolation. A much-needed choice according to museum director/curator Jan Hoet, admired by the artist:

“A hermit locks himself up in order not to communicate, an artist locks himself up in order to intensify his work and thus be able to communicate better through his work. The only possible place of the artist, he realises, is a place on the edge of things”.

Klein Hofmeijer shirks the maelstrom of contemporary society for a large part of his time and seeks the silence to work in peace and concentration on an oeuvre. He is convinced that one of the greatest strengths of the independent creation process lies in the fact that no account is taken beforehand of the possible consequences and consequences after completion. An artist creates works without there being a prior demand for them – both in terms of content and economics. The raison d’être of the work must become apparent later on.

Work by Hans Klein Hofmeijer is included in various private and public collections.


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