Left: Strictly Come Dancing (gently) – Material: acrylic paint canvas – Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm

Centre: Madeready # 1 – Material: mixed media, glass dome – Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 10 cm

Right: Self-portrait on table – Material: oil-acrylic-textile-rubber cloth – Dimensions: 130 x 170 cm


About the Artist

Harry van der Woud (Leeuwarden, 1963), lives and works in Amsterdam.

The most beautiful dreams; the monsters in your worst nightmares and fears; the frozen moments in your memory that do not pass; the bouncing words of all the texts you read, heard, wrote and pronounced; the images dancing to the pounding rhythms in your head; everything you can imagine is reality. What it comes down to for me is to approach reality with a subtle form of elegance and fabric expression. Art is about exception, celebrating diversity, an alternative (r)evolution. Just as Darwin himself was the exception. After his comprehensive descriptions and drawings of the Galápagos Islands, they were no longer regarded as hell on earth, but as a miraculous paradise. A work of art does not satisfy an efficiently formulated need but creates a desire that, once awakened, cannot be tamed. The work absorbs both morality and the artist. To name art is like madly in love analysing love before making love; like birds writing music before singing.

Work by Harry van der Woud has been on display in the Pushkin museum in Moscow and is part of various collections at home and abroad.

Personal website artist: www.harryvanderwoud.nl