Left: Care for me #01, 2019 – Material: screenprint (ink on paper) – Dimensions:A3 (available on A4 if required)

Centre: Care for me #02, 2019 – Material: screen print (ink on paper) – Dimensions: A3 (optionally available on A4)

Right: Care for me #03, 2019 – Material: screen print (ink on paper) – Dimensions: A3 (optionally available on A4)


About the Artist

Karin Stroo (1965) is a visual artist in Rotterdam and was born in Zeeland.

She makes art to better understand life. She researches and considers. And reflects on society. In 2019 – even before the Corona pandemic – she started building an installation under the title ‘care for me’.

Care for me

This is the title of the installation of nudes I am building, ‘image by image’. My call for love, my ode to love, my longing to see and be seen. Looking at yourself, at the other. A good connection also with the soul.

What I wonder in the legal profession, in business, in family relationships, with friends and in my love life, is whether the meaning hidden behind many conflicts, competitions, discomfort and pain is perhaps alone:
Please, show me who I (really) am, and who I am, see me and love me: ‘care for me’.

The drawings are made with pencil, charcoal or ink on paper, starting in the autumn of 2016. With as few lines as possible, the aim is to depict the complexity of thoughts and – often suppressed – feelings. Different perhaps from the everyday (image). The deviation that (as a whole) is still acceptable. However, perhaps. And fragile.

Care for me is set up as a traveling, growing installation with a call for participation. The journey and the construction has come to a halt for the time being because of the Corona. The installation now consists of 21 silkscreens of drawings – artist prints in a very small edition of 10 pieces per drawing. The silkscreens will gladly come to you as part of ‘De Kunst Gast’ per set of 5 – free to choose per title – as a guest.

At this moment work of Karin Stroo is being exhibited at the Binnenhof in The Hague. See: www.karinstroo.nl.


Personal website artist: www.karinstroo.nl

Instagram: Karin Stroo (@karin.stroo) • Instagram