Left: StarTTraffeling 1, 2007 – Material: photo print on dibond- Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm

Centre: Performance jewellery as 3-piece sculpture, 2017 – Material: bone & brass – Dimensions: 25 x 35 cm

Right: StarTTraffeling 2, 2007 – Material: Photo with black passe-partout in wooden frame with glass – Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm


About the Artist

Yvette Teeuwen (Delft, 1975), has been active as a visual artist since 2001 in various media such as performance art, situational works, paintings, photography, video art & makes performative jewellery. Lives and works in The Hague.

All her various works of art form a search for the Being of Things, in order to touch it and make it more intensely tangible for the viewer. The work forms a subtle but intense focus inwards, so that you regain contact with the core within you or the core of something outside you.

In the two photographs light forms appear that are crawling or seem to be each other’s resonance in form and time. Is it near or far? Is it a dust that swirls through dark space or something much bigger, an arm or shoulder of a body? Micro and macro meet each other. It is the moon & a star (photo 1), or 1 star alone (photo 2), which in their independent powerful autonomous place in the universe are strongly connected with each other & with me, because I consciously let my breathing come into the picture! Photo 3 is a performative ornament of bone that I wore during my art performance BONES (2017; http://www.yvetteeuwen.nl/portfolio/bones/) consisting of a part in front of the nose, a slanting part over the face and towards the ears & a loose blowing instrument. Shown as a ‘sculpture element’ during a solo exhibition in Finland (2019)’.

Yvette Teeuwen has exhibitions at home and abroad. In the past year 2020 she has exhibited in Mexico, Philadelphia, Chile, Germany, India and Amsterdam.

Personal website artist: www.yvetteteeuwen.nl.

Instagram: Yvette Teeuwen(@yvette_teeuwen) • Instagram