Entering the impressive studio of visual artist Hans Klein Hofmeijer.

In mid-February, I picked up my Art Guest in the impressive studio of visual artist Hans Klein Hofmeijer in the south of the country. He told me stories about his work that one only could hope they would never end. As befits a good storyteller, the tension built up nicely until he pulled out ‘my’ drawing, “On the frayed edges of (my) thinking” (Gaps of my mind). It seemed more like a reunion than a first meeting, this blue brain full of text trying to wriggle out.

A strange coincidence was the article that appeared three days later in the Volkskrant in Erik van den Berg’s section “Cover” in which he devoted half a page to blue covers of books, music albums and the poetry anthology “En blauw zal alles zijn” by Elisabeth Lockhorn with a blue painting by Joan Miró on the cover “Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves”.

Despite all the colour symbolism, the mystery of Hans Klein Hofmeijer’s drawing does not yield up, thank goodness, but I cannot imagine a more beautiful interpretation than that of my five-year-old neighbour who was silently watching: “That gentleman has a lot of rules in his head”, she whispered.