November 7 – December 12 2022

Artist Meetings 2022 – 5 online sessions and 1 live session for professionals in visual arts

The independent position of artists is more important than ever. That is why we will start with “Artist Meetings 2022” this autumn. A 6-part series with experts and fellow artists. Afterwards you will have more knowledge and insight about concrete steps on how to strengthen your position.
This series was created in collaboration with Cultuur+Ondernemen and supported by CBK Rotterdam.


In six sessions, topical themes are discussed that artists have to deal with. The first 5 meetings are online, the last session is a live, in which we can share and exchange views. The sessions last 2.5 hours; inspiring speakers will update you and provide you with plenty of tips to strengthen your position..

  1. The artist as maker of society – Monday 7 November from 14:30 to 17:00
    In this first session we immediately dive into your repertoire as a visual artist. The artist’s practice of thinking the impossible can lead to new inventions. This can be of added value for current social issues and play a crucial role in shaping them. How can we make a future society sustainable and inclusive and what role can artists play in this? What examples and possibilities do they offer?
    Expert: Tabo Goudswaard, artist, researcher and social designer.
  2. De hedendaagse kunstmarkt – Monday 14 november from 14:30 to 17:00
    Olav Velthuis describes the latest developments within the contemporary art market. Various issues are discussed: whether the gallery model still works, what the possibilities are of selling art via the internet and how international galleries operate. He also discusses the impact of the art fairs on the ecosystem, and how a market for an artist actually comes into being.
    Expert: Olav Velthuis, Professor at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  3. Dealing with a donor or with the crowd – Monday 21 november from 14:30 to 17:00 
    Whether or not you want to build a relationship with a donor, during this afternoon we will explore together, on the basis of the subject of ‘reciprocity’, how to maintain a successful relation with your donor, and dealing with the artists reluctancy. Which counter-gifts could inspire to keep your work supported and how can you create lasting involvement in your work?
    Experts: Helleke van den Braber, professor of Patronage Studies, Utrecht University and Marjolein Marzacu – project employee Long live giving/ Voordekunst.
  4. Procrastinatie, what it is and how to deal with it? – Monday 28 november from 14:30 to 17:00 
    Procrastination is “the voluntary postponement of an intended action, despite the expectation that one will be worse off because of the delay”. An essential part of your artist process is ‘not knowing it yet’, but this can also be something else and have a paralyzing effect. How can you spot the difference between these two? What if it turns out that you are procrastinating? Find out what you can do if this applies to you. You will gain insights into underlaying issues and how to deal with them.
    Expert: Angela van Son, procrastinationcoach.
  5. Effortless Selling – Monday 5 december from 14:30 to 17:00 Conversations with potential buyers are often challenging. You want to give the buyer time to explore your work at their leisure, but ultimately you want to accomplish something: to actually sell your work. How do you approach that? How do you act when you meet a potential buyer? How do you start the conversation with the other person in the most constructive way? And also: how do you keep it fun and relaxed for yourself? The key is: connecting. Simon Groen’s method, Communicating Connectively, is based on bringing deeper values and needs to the surface. A sovereign form of dialogue that generates the most effective relationship with your buyer.Through clever experiential exercises, the techniques come within reach. You’ll discover how adventurous it is to have different conversations, leveraging the power of vulnerability. Instead of stressful or exhausting, meetings with buyers become a new source of inspiration and success. Expert: Simon Green
  6. Needs & Gifts: LIVE in Rotterdam – Monday 12 december from 15:00 – 17:30 
    A live meeting to conclude this series. An afternoon for meeting artists. Experience the wisdom of the group by working together on your issue. Exchange ‘needs & gifts’ to help you further. What question are you going to end this year with and what is your intention you want to start the new year with?
    Expert: Tijmen Rümke, business coach and podcast-host of De gebakken peren podcast.

Praktische info

Meetings can be followed via Zoom. The sixth is on location in Rotterdam.

You will receive the Zoom link a few days before the first meeting. All online sessions can be attended with the same Zoom link. At a number of meetings you will be sent questions in advance for preparation. The meetings will be held in Dutch.

Can’t attend one of the meetings? No problem. It is also possible that one or more topics appeal to you more than others. The financial contribution is € 41.50 excluding VAT. A report is made of all meetings, which is sent to you afterwards.


“We tend to believe it is all about luck and talent. But that’s a convenient excuse. The truth is that if you are cheerful and determined, you will inevitably be lucky and succeed. It is a law of the universe” 

Bear Grylls

De bijeenkomsten Artist meetings: Tools is een initiatief van Annick Vroom en Caspar Berger, opgezet vanuit platform Art is a Guaranty met Cultuur+Ondernemen, in samenwerking met CBK Rotterdam.